Wifi remote control
Wifi remote control
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Wifi remote control

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A smartphone

You can remotely control appliances in your home

Support a variety of electrical appliances, television, set-top box, air conditioning, speakers, electric curtains...

Whether infrared remote control, or rf remote control, can be integrated into the phone, one hand control

Powerful function and stable performance

315/433mhz rf remote control improves the transmission capability

Linear infrared control distance of 8-15 meters, radio frequency signal stable coverage

The infrared rf device is controlled by one hand

Built-in 7 infrared emitting head, remote control infrared equipment

(air conditioner, TV, set-top box, stereo, etc.)

Contains rf hardware, remote control rf equipment

(electric curtains, wall switch lamps, etc.)

Traditional rf/infrared equipment +RM pro

Easy intelligence

Traditional rf/infrared equipment iot upgrade scheme

No need to redevelop and occupy r&d resources

BroadLink siege lion provides cloud deployment solutions and supporting APP terminal software

With BroadLink intelligent remote control series products

Can easily realize the traditional product intelligence, enhance the product competitiveness

For more information, please consult customer service directly

Product parameters

Model: the RM

Wireless energy consumption :≤1W

Product identification number: RM pro

Wi-fi frequency: 2.4ghz 802.11b/g/n

Input voltage: 5VDC

Control direction: multi - directional

Input current :≥lA

Rf: 433/315 MHZ

Infrared frequency: 38K

Material: infrared transmission material

Q: learning frequency of intelligent remote control series?

A: the learnable infrared signal frequency is 38KHz, and the learnable rf signal type is

433/315mhz rf signal (currently only supports ASK mode, not FSK

Modulation; Data content, does not support rolling code learning.

Modulation rate 1Kbps, receiving bandwidth 433:432.5mhz ~ 436.3mhz

315:313.9 MHz to 316.7 MHz