M200 Mechanical Warframe Tri-color Backlit Keyboard

M200 Mechanical Warframe Tri-color Backlit Keyboard

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Material: plastic

Product size: 50*21.5*45cm

Line length: 1.5 m

(It's a shiny font, and each letter is clearly visible in the dark!)


Reason 1: This keyboard has strong performance, fast response, and strong mechanical keyboard feel. It is a professional competitive keyboard with high cost performance on the market, not all backlit keyboards can play games!


Reason two: Built-in high-quality PV light guide layer, clear character light-emitting design, uniform backlight, very strong sense of quality, to achieve the effect of three-color backlight switching

Reason three: Use professional competitive game chip, built-in 12 combination multimedia combination function, 19-key strike without conflict

Reason 4: The middle key stroke design is adopted, and the built-in high-quality silicone body gives the keyboard full resilience, a strong mechanical hand feel, no keys are stuck, and a buffer is added at the bottom of each key.

The keyboard can freely select the backlight color through the FN + SL key combination. Red light, blue light, and purple light are optional, and the backlight color can be changed as desired; the backlight can also be turned off by turning down the brightness during the day.


[Scope of application] Desktop, laptop, smart TV.

【Colour: (tricolor backlight)

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1X keyboard