Colorful self-changing gift shower

Colorful self-changing gift shower

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Product Category: Shower/shower
Function: Rain, LED light
Material: ABS
No power, battery, or external power is required. Turn on the water source to turn on the light!


●Luminous showers are now popular electronic products.

●The luminous shower light is freely installed on the shower head, it is a convenient and practical product, which is beautiful and fun.

●The luminous shower lamp is a product that can make your life full of colors. It can freely fill the outgoing water column with crystal clear luster.

●The luminous shower lamp realizes a kind of lighting effect through the built-in LED lamp in the shower

●The power required for luminescence does not require additional batteries and power supply, and it is completely generated by water flow. The product is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Enjoy LED lighting effects

●Luminous negative ion showerSDS-A25-绿SDS-A25-蓝SDS-A25-红